The Island Hotel and Beyond Getting the Most Out of Your Waterfront Vacation

Posted on March 15, 2016 By

The Island HotelThe island hotel can be the single greatest component of a memorable holiday and travellers need to choose the right hotel for their vacation goals. The island itself, however, can also offer a variety of attractions from city activities to outdoor adventures.

Choosing an island hotel

There are a number of amenities that are uniquely attributed to island hotels. First, of course, is the view. Travellers are attracted to resorts, condos, rental properties, and hotels that allow a view of water that’s not a pool. In an island hotel, the increased availability of waterfront views and direct access to a lake or ocean is an alluring feature. Complimented by the fresh seafood, an island hotel can fulfill lodging and gastronomy needs. Keep in mind that a waterfront view may cost more. For some, a scenic vista isn’t a must, so long as lodgings are conveniently located near local businesses (restaurants, bars, historical buildings, scenic routes, art exhibition spaces, outdoor activities). Wise travellers must prioritize vacationing needs before booking a room.

Urban Explorations Beyond

In many places, bike tours are some of the best and thriftiest means of exploring an island while getting the exercise we often neglect when taking time off. Bikes can be rented on an hourly or day wage. As long as you have a hardy lock, you can park them nearly anywhere without having to pay a fee. In fact, if you don’t want to pay for a tour guide, take out a map and plot a few points to make your own personalized tour. This might include designating stops such as historical buildings, public artworks, lighthouses, or even local eats and drinks. Investigate the types of bike trails available ahead of time. There may be paths on the main road or trails in parks or alongside beaches. Remember to keep a hard copy map handy in the event that your GPS fails.

Hiking for Flora and Fauna

Hiking is a great way to explore outside town limits, taking in the restoring sights and scents of wildlife. Islands habitats boast great diversity and include the ocean shore, dry forest, salt pond, and mangroves. For this reason, hikes also have great opportunities to take advantage of bird watching, especially if you’re in an area with unique species. Get your birding guidebook ahead of time (they usually cost less than twenty dollars), looking for light-weight, region-specific publications that offer color illustrations and field marks. Make sure to bring along your binoculars for a better view and always be conscientious of the habitat you’re in, trying not to disturb nesting birds and other animal life.

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